Blackforest Mercenary Company

The story so far...
The characters

Deandre Telman is a hacker.

Anderson Derrow is a professional soldider.

Stoella Carter is a combat medic with latent magical abilities.

Walven Thorngager is a crazy guns-for-hire.

Together they join the Blackforest Mercenary Company, a private military entity in the German Blackforest region, hoping to make a decent living and eventually get the rights to apply for citizenship papers.

It all started with a large energy signature coming from South Africa, before the entire country disappeared from all forms of communication and monitoring. The team was sent to investigate, arriving exactly as resistance fighters from a parallel dimension came through an enormous portal, warning of The Enemy right behind them. Large alien ships followed, but was thwarted from entering this dimension by Rhino Spore and Lester Hibert, who with the delaying covering fire of our adventurers were able to close the gate with only a small amount of ships having gotten through, and the largest having been cut in two by the closing portal.

Although their fates are unknown and they are believed by the party to have perished in the attempt, Rhino Spore and Lester Hibert are truly unknown and unsung heroes of this world. Examples for all to follow.


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